The Foundation is a non-profit that seeks to develop and fund the Lake County Silver Endowment Fund through grants, angel donations and trust fund endowments. The Foundation shall fund an application process that supports senior facilities and activities, including the annual Conference activities.


To coordinate a cohesive and effective senior center operations that provide support, empowering to age in place, increase the quality of elder life in all sectors of the county, including unincorporated, city and tribal lands by bringing together agencies, volunteers, businesses and donors with the same goals.


  • Plan for the annual senior conference, location, funding and activities.
  • Promote the Silver Endowment Fund as a way for seniors to leave a legacy where they can determine its use and purpose for seniors in Lake County.
  • Provide a granting application process to fund senior facility improvements first and then activities for seniors that will enrich their lives.
  • Develop and implement the funding strategies that will gain outside-county grants, donations and services by representing all seniors and centers in the county for this purpose.
  • Develop inside county donations for the purpose of the conference.
  • Develop transportation for seniors to and from the conference.
  • Promote the conference to seniors both through the centers and those not connected to the centers.
  • Develop activities and opportunities for seniors at the conference which will provide value to their lives. Provide a survey for this purpose.
  • Make available senior support services to seniors attending the conference.